Step Into Your Power At Work Resources Club

Are you ready to maximize your potential and take your work performance to the next level. Do you want to achieve more with less? Are you tied of working the old fashioned way of pushing yourself to achieve results?  Right now you are sitting on a gold mine of untapped potential just waiting for you to unleash its power. Success shouldn't be difficult it should just flow naturally and when it doesn't it means you are not using your brain the way it was meant to be used.

The Step Into Your Power At Work Resources Club offers you a range of resources to ensure that you realise your potential at work. These include audio programs which are designed to tap into your brains vast potential and transform the way you think and operate in the workplace. Short online how to training programs that enhance both your mind and skill set. Articles that are designed to educate, inspire and unleash your potential. 


When you become an club member you will have instant access to a large range of resources as well as audio programs that are available for immediate download. Currently the audio library consists of 4 major categories. As a club member you will also have the opportunity to make requests for new audio programs based on your specific needs. New categories such as relationships at work and creativity are currently in the pipeline and will be released soon. Below is a list of the current major categories

Success Audio Programs


Success At Work audio programs are designed to help you create a success mindset so that success becomes your natural default thinking pattern.

Success Audio Programs


Now it is possible to solve the most difficult of problems by tapping into your brains creative potential whilst you sleep. You pose the problem and then allow your creative unconscious brain to do what it does best find the perfect solution.

Stress management


Stress has become the norm in most organisations these days. It seems that we live in a world where everything needs to be delivered now. The real problem with stress is that it shuts down that part of the brain responsible for decision making and problem solving. This then makes it extremely difficult to function effectively on the job. In this series of audio programs you will find quick and simple solutions to eliminate stress leaving you free to function at your full capacity.

Personal Development


In this series of audio programs you will have the opportunity to select from a number of topic areas that are designed to assist you to grow and evolve at a personal level empowering you to experience greater levels of success and happiness in your work and day to day living.

As mentioned previously the library is expanding all the time depending upon members needs, so if you are experiencing a specific issue in the workplace just let me know and I will create an audio program that will then be added to the library.

Within each of the major categories there are the following sub categories of :

Personal Development


The Daily Essentials sub category contains audio programs that you listen to on a daily basis. Currently the audio library contains two of these both of which are located in the success category. By listening to these audio programs on a daily basis they are guaranteed to bring you greater levels of success, joy, peace and happiness. 

Personal Development


The Take Ten sub category consists of range of audio programs that are no more than 10 minutes in length. ​They are designed to be played when you are having a bad hair day and allow you to reboot your brain and get yourself back into a winning and positive mindset.

Personal Development


The Affirmation series of audio programs is a great way to shift your thinking and reprogram your brain for success and calmness. They are designed to be played in the background whilst working, driving, doing mundane tasks etc. The music is wonderfully soothing and the words uplifting and inspiring.

Personal Development


Put Your Brain To Work Whilst You Sleep is a particularly powerful and time saving way to program your brain for success. You do not have to be awake for these audio programs to work as they are designed to tap into your brains power and potential whilst you sleep. Just turn on your playing device when you get into bed at night and your brain will do the work for you whilst you get a great nights sleep. People often comment how much better they sleep when using these audio programs.


​Each of the audio programs have been specifically created to tap into your brains amazing power and potential. Here are a few samples of what is currently in the library.

Success Audio Programs


This night time audio program is designed to have your brain work for you whilst you get a good nights sleep. It is designed to reprogram old limiting and negative beliefs which often prevents present day success.​

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This powerful audio program when listened to on a daily basis is guaranteed to train your brain to automatically think and attract success at work. 

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Ever had one of those days where you wished you had never gotten out of bed. We have all been there as life appears to be conspiring against us and our day continues to go from bad to worse. Well the good news is that you can stop the rot and get your day back on track with this 10 minute audio program.

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​This two part audio program makes it easy for you to achieve your goals faster through the power of visualization. The three part combination of putting your brain to work whilst you sleep, using your brains powerful alpha state when you first awake of a morning and the power of visualization is a winning formula that ensures your success.

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Success Audio Programs


Your brain is a powerful asset that when used correctly can give you whatever information you need. In this audio program you will learn how to get your brain to solve problems for you whilst you sleep. You now have a choice you can try and solve problems the old fashioned way through toil and hard work or you can make life easy for yourself and tap into your brains amazing power and potential whilst you sleep.

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Stress management


Feeling stressed then take 10 minutes out of your day and listen to this audio program. I guarantee that it will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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​This powerful guided visualisation takes you into a deep state of relaxation and then programs your brain to release all distressing, hurtful and destructive thoughts and emotions. I have received a lot of positive feedback about this visualisation. At the time I developed this audio program I was suffering from a bout of really bad stomach nerves that appeared out of the blue and I couldn’t seem to shift it. After listening to this audio program once the problem disappeared and hasn’t returned.

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This audio programs contains a series of affirmations aimed at reducing anxiety. This can be played in the background when doing other tasks. Examples include walking, working, housework, waiting for people to turn up to meetings, waiting in supermarket queues etc.​

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Having problems sleeping then this is the audio program is for you. Designed to played when you get into bed at night it will not only give you a good nights sleep but leave you feeling positive and well rested when you awake the next morning.

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Personal Development


This is a beautiful 10 minute guided visualization designed to reprogram those self limiting and negative beliefs that often rear their ugly head at the most inopportune times. Feeling low then take 10 minutes out and listen to this inspiring and mood changing audio program.

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Training your brain to live in the present moment can be difficult. This audio program makes it easy for you to train yourself to start living in the present moment.

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How often do you have unkind and unloving thoughts about yourself. This audio program uses 15 affirmations repeated 3 times at 30 second intervals. It is recorded over a backdrop of beautiful music which assists the messages to be transferred quickly into your long term memory. It has been designed to reprogram the way you think about yourself and hence the results you will achieve in life.

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​What you focus on you find! This is how your brain is designed to work. Perfect moments exist but the question is will you manifest them in your life. This audio program is designed to help train your brain to look for and manifest perfect moments as part of your everyday living.

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We all have our moments where we feel powerless. Usually these are a result of long forgotten childhood memories. Whenever you feel powerless to change a situation you are experiencing the victim archetype. Free yourself from the chains of the past with these simple but powerful affirmations. Set to a background of stunning music it has never been easier to change your life.​

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Guilt is one of those insidious feelings that we all have to deal with from time to time. It has the ability to disturb your peace of mind and rob you of joy and happiness. If you find yourself doing things out of guilt or obligation rather than joy then you will find this audio program life changing. Guilt is also a big factor in increased stress levels and health issues.​

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The purpose of these short online training programs is to give you the knowledge and skills to ensure that you achieve extraordinary results in the workplace. They have been targeted at specific key areas that when mastered allow you to release your potential. They have been deliberately kept short to match your busy life style but. They have been designed in such a way to give you maximum results in the shortest possible time. Learning shouldn't take long or be difficult it should be fun, easy and give you the results you are looking for. You will find that the methodologies used these online training programs accelerates both your learning and success. Below is a list of the current online training programs on offer. New programs are being designed and released on a regular basis. 

Goal Without Plan


There are two modules in this training program. Module 1 shows you how to set goals that are aligned to who you truly are and your innate potential. Often people fail to set goals that match their potential and what they really want from life. We are so conditioned to settling for second best when we don't have to.

In Module 2 you will learn how to develop benchmarks that will allow you to not only develop goal clarity but also make it is easy for you to create the perfect visualization so that you can put your brain to work for you to easily achieve your goal. All the supporting tools and resources needed to achieve your goal are also included in this training program. 

In Module 2 you will learn how to develop benchmarks that will allow you to not only develop goal clarity but also make it is easy for you to create the perfect visualization so that you can put your brain to work for you to easily achieve your goal. All the supporting tools and resources needed to achieve your goal are also included in this training program. 

Know Who You Are


What if you suddenly had an insight into your unique gifts and talents? What if also you could suddenly identify and correct all your hidden self-sabotaging tendencies? Would this free you to live and thrive in a self-environment of success? If you answered yes you would be correct.

This 4 module training program will step you through identifying, understanding and leveraging your unique gifts and talents as well as showing you how your self-sabotaging tendencies are preventing you from living up to your true potential. Best of all you will be taught how to stop self-sabotaging your life and career. The unique assessment tool which is used in this training program is exclusive to Use Your Brain For Success and is guaranteed to give you your unique winning edge in life.


Manifesting Deepest Desires


The secret to manifestation is to move beyond wanting and into the knowing that it already exists. You have to ‘Act As If’. This is not a new concept so why is it that many of us still don’t get it? This article shows you how to get out of the wanting mindset and into the manifesting mindset in 3 simple steps. Perfect if you are struggling to achieve what you want. 


When you join the Step Into Your Power At Work Resources Club you get access to all current and future content for the life of your subscription plan. New resources are being released all the time to keep pace with the needs of our members. Currently the price is $250 USD for a 12 month membership. As the list of resources increases the price will go up. Recently there was a significant price rise with the introduction of short training programs and articles.

The next big product release will be apple and android apps for phones, tablets, ipods and ipads. The apps will be designed to change the way you think as well as keeping you focused and on track to create extraordinary success. You won’t have to take any time out of your busy day for them to work. They are built to integrate seamlessly into your work day with maximum impact on your performance and results. The design of the apps is based on Use Your Brain For Success’s unique ability to empower you to unleash your brains hidden potential.

At the end of the 12 months you can elect to either carry on with the membership or just keep everything that you have already downloaded. You will not be automatically billed at the end of the 12 month period giving you complete control over your resources club membership. Obviously we hope that you will be so impressed by the club’s resources that you will want to continue on with us. If you do decide to re-join you will only ever be charged the price you originally signed up with. So when price goes up you will never have to pay it. This way we reward our early adopters.

You get to keep all the audio programs and other resources you download for life. Added to this your membership entitles you to request any audio program and short training course that you would like to see added to the library. This way we always ensure that our members needs are met.

So take the time now to make the investment in yourself, your business and or your career. If you apply all the strategies, techniques and tools contained in the resources club your investment will be returned to you within a very short period of time. The earlier you join the more money you save and the quicker you will start living the success that is sitting within you waiting to be unleashed.

As this is a work related subscription you should be able to offset the cost as a tax deduction. If you need a specific tax invoice please contact me at [email protected] and I will provide you with one.

Step Into Your Power At Work Resources Club

Start living up to your potential and achieving the success you are truly capable of for the one low price of $250 USD