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Love, Friendship and Miracles

In March 2014  I commenced an online business marketing course known as B-School. As a result of this I met a young women named Catherine or Cat as she likes to be called. Cat is just one of those kind and gentle souls who you cannot help but fall in love with. In May Cat’s dad became seriously ill. My heart went out to Cat as I have been through a similar situation with my dad. I kept in regular contact by text to see how she and her dad were faring. The news was not good and then he came off the critical list which was a relief to us all. I hadn’t seen Cat in a couple of months because she was residing in Brisbane with her mum so she could visit her dad every day in hospital. I then attend a B-School event in Brisbane which gave me the added bonus of catching up with Cat. She explained that her dad was still struggling to recover and that he might be left with permanent brain damage. I suggested to Cat that I could put together a healing guided visualisation that might assist her dad to fully heal. Cat believing in the power of guided visualisations happily agreed.

How the rest of the story unfolds I will let Cat tell you in a Facebook Post she wrote about the situation.

“I'd like to do a massive shout out and let you know about one truly amazing B Schooler - Jule Fuller. She literally helped save my Dad's life. Her support and friendship have meant the world to me over the last 2 months and I just thought I'd get the word out on her amazing brain training program and how it helped me.

2 months ago my Dad suffered a severe cardiac arrest (the type 99% of sufferers do not survive). He spent over 3 weeks on life support in intensive care and we were told to prepare for the worst. Many weeks of hospital visits, prayers and meditations later my Dad came off life support and eventually woke up! He was in a terrible way and suffered delirium, epileptic tremors on his left side from the hypoxi he suffered and was incredibly weak. He defied the odds but doctors said he may never be able to walk, take care of himself and would probably have some permanent brain damage.

I met Jule through B School and she offered me her support and provided me with a tailor made guided visualisation track with binaural beats for my Dad to listen to while he was in hospital. The aim of the track was to assist Dad's brain to "rewire" so that he could regain control of his body, brain, breath and health. He was a little skeptical at first but after listening to it for a couple of days he experienced a deep state of relaxed hypnosis. In a matter of days he went from bed ridden - to getting up and walking with an aide - to all of a sudden walking unassisted!! His outlook became very positive and he couldn't wait to get better and finally come home. The doctors were amazed at how quickly he had regained strength and the tremors in his left side were almost unnoticeable.

Within a week of listening to Jule's track I am so happy to say I have my Dad home!! A total miracle! I am convinced Jule's program works and cannot express enough my gratitude and love for this woman.”

Now why did this work. I believe it was Cat’s belief that it would work combined with her love for her father. This can be explained scientifically from a brain perspective which I will do in another post. Cat’s belief and enthusiasm was transferred to her father who was then willing to give it a try. Without her dad’s willingness and participation the guided visualisation would never have seen the light of day. But the real hero of this story is love. My love for Cat her love for her dad. The real stars Cat and her dad. The central star Cat whose beautiful spirit was the catalyst for her dad’s recovery.

To say I have been blessed by this event is an understatement. It was such a joy for me to make the guided visualisation for Cat and her dad. In that space of love and joy I noticed something very interesting happened when I was putting it together. Normally I find producing guided visualisations a little stressful. Writing the script, recording, editing and then finding the right music can be very tedious and time consuming. In this particular case the script followed effortlessly and I recorded and edited it faster than anything other guided visualisation I have ever produced. This I believe is the power that love and joy brings to our lives.

What actions can we all start taking each and every day that are given in the spirit of love and joy. I believe each of us can create miracles in other people’s lives when we come from a space of love. Let’s start creating miracles together and change the world.