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Life Changing Parenting Strategy

Most parents these days are super busy juggling work, maintaining the home, caring for the family, as well as managing all the incidentals associated with being a parent that little time is left over for implementing parenting strategies. So here is one strategy that it simple to implement and will definitely have a huge impact on your child’s emotional well being and future success.

Scientific research has discovered that the brain is more active when you are asleep than awake. Neuroscientist’s have found that information gets transferred into the long term memory when you sleep at night and not during the day. Therefore the emotional frame of mind that your child goes to bed with has an extremely high probability of being transferred into their long term memory and becoming a permanent part of their behaviours and actions. This is why it is important that your child never goes to bed upset as it will have a huge impact on how they respond and react to life in the future.

One way to prevent this from happening is to check on how your child is feeling just before they go to bed. This can provide a perfect opportunity to introduce a fun bedtime game called ‘what did I do well today?’ This allows your child to focus on the positive and reduces the chances that they will go to bed emotionally upset or worried about things. This game might also provide an opportunity for your child to talk to you about anything that may be upsetting them. If this is the case then make sure that you finish with reinforcing the positive things they did well during the day.

By allowing them to discuss and focus on the positive things in their day, it empowers them to get a good night’s sleep and program their brain for future success. If your child has had a particularly upsetting day they may not be able to easily recall what they did well. This occurs when the negative events overshadow the positive ones. There is always something that your child has done well. Take time to probe a little and help them uncover the little nuggets of gold that have the potential to change their lives.

If time permits you may also want to take advantage of this very powerful time period and help your child further program their brain for success by sharing inspirational success stories that they can relate to or guiding them through a positive mental visualisation of what tomorrow might look like. This is a great activity to follow the game what did I do well today.

I guarantee that if you were to do this every night for month you will notice a big difference in your child’s emotional and physical well being. For those of you that have more than one child and doing this individually is just not practical it can be done as a group activity and the benefits are immeasurable in terms of creating a strong and positive bond between your children.

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