Leadership Coaching

What Is Leadership Coaching?

It is said that parenting is one of the most difficult roles you can have in life. If that is true then leadership has to be the next most difficult role. Looking after our own lives is difficult enough but when you have the added responsibility of ensuring the success and welfare of others life becomes much more challenging.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly leadership is like a mirror it forces you to take a hard look at yourself. It exposes all your negative and self limiting beliefs. Whatever self limiting beliefs you hold are challenged when you interact with the people reporting to you. Secondly you are attempting to influence others towards successful outcomes, when they like yourself also have their own self limiting beliefs. How are you as leader meant to change a lifetime of self limiting beliefs and attitudes contained within someone else? When you combine these two reasons you can see why leadership can be so problematic and difficult.

The way to resolve this dilemma is not through learning another leadership technique but by evolving yourself and others to move beyond the self imposed limitations. Success is not so much about doing things differently but about thinking differently so that the self imposed limitations are released freeing the immense power and potential that resides within you.

It is important to understand that all self limitations are temporary. They stem from the unconscious beliefs created in the past that are currently informing the present and subsequently creating the future. These beliefs were developed from your past experiences with people and situations or from societal beliefs and norms that told you what was possible. You have been highly conditioned to think inside the square and not outside of it. I refer to these as the silent rules that are unknowingly governing your life and preventing you from realising your true potential.

What Does Leadership Coaching Look Like?

Leadership coaching is split into two segments. You will start with unleashing your leadership potential and once this has been achieved you will then move on to unleashing the potential of your team members.

Unleashing Your Potential To Become an Extraordinary Leader.

As a leadership coaching client you will be shown how your brain is ruling you and how to take back control and rewrite the silent rules that are preventing you from being an extraordinary leader. You will learn:

  1. How your brain works and how to release its potential.
  2. How your interactions with others are keeping you stuck as well as how you can stop what I refer to as the mirror effect so that you can lead and inspire others to great heights of success.
  3. Why you and others sometimes behave in totally irrational and inappropriate ways and how to change those behaviours and responses.
  4. How you reinforce your team members limiting beliefs on a daily basis and in doing so prevent their success and ultimately your own.
  5. How To Tap Into Your Creative Unconsciousness Mind To Solve Problems, Make Better Decisions and Become A Forward Thinker.
  6. Simple techniques to tap into your brains vast potential and resources so that you can become an extraordinarily leader.

Unleashing The Potential In Others.

Once you have learned to unleash the extraordinary leader that resides within you will then be shown how to unleash the potential in others. It is not enough for you to be free of the silent rules you must then free others, otherwise it will be impossible to lead them to great heights of success.

Ultimately you can't lead others to great heights of success because their silent rules will prevent you from doing that. What you can do is empower them to lead themselves. This I believe is the ultimate goal of leadership. My favourite leadership quote used to be 'Taking People To Places They Would Not Ordinarily Go By Themselves'. Now it is 'Empowering Others To Take Themselves To Places They Once Thought Was Impossible'.

Most leaders are not leading but managing others. The truth is you cannot manage others it is like trying to herd cats. You may think as a leader that you can herd people towards the organisational goals and objectives but the truth is only they can lead themselves there.

In phase two of your leadership coaching you will be given all the tools and resources to empower your team members to lead themselves. To make this process easy you will be able to integrate all these tools and resources into your staff meetings. You will be provided with a facilitators meeting guide which will allow you to use your teams goals and objectives and blend those with concepts and tools that will empower your team to lead themselves to places they once thought was impossible.

No longer will you as a leader bear all the responsibility of ensuring your team successfully achieves the business units goals and objectives. Instead your entire team will be empowered to collectively ensure that the goals and objectives have been achieved.

Who Is This Coaching For?

Leaders who are ready to take themselves to the next level and then empower their team to do the same.

How Does It Work?

All coaching sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own environment via Skype. The first session is 1.5 hours and subsequent sessions are one hour in duration. To ensure that these coaching sessions match what you are looking the first 30 minutes of the initial coaching session is free. If at the end of the 30 minutes you find that the coaching does not suit your needs you can walk away without incurring any fees.

What Is Included In The Coaching?

Support tools and resources needed to assist you to become an extraordinary leader.

What Others Are Saying

Rob Ewin   Westpac Regional General Manager Western Sydney

​I commend Jule Fuller as a professional, as a person who constructively challenges traditional thinking, as a person who makes learning and personal growth insightful, meaningful, energising and fun. My leadership and attitude has been significantly enhanced by my dealings with Jule Fuller.

Jennifer Williams   Head Of Custody Operations J.P.Morgan 

​I commend Jule’s has acted as a personal coach to both myself and to many of my team members. Jule has really helped me in both my professional and private life. The issue of poor confidence can be a great barrier in professional performance and having had various training/coaching sessions with Jule, I am more prepared to take on challenges that I would have avoided before. As a result of Jule’s coaching I am now able to achieve excellence and promote it in those around me such as my team. I commend Jule on her ability to be creative and help others to think ‘bigger picture’.

Coaching Investment Fee

$500 USD per session

Contact Details

For inquiries or to book a coaching session email [email protected]