How To Develop A Brain Like Einstein's 

Einstein was considered a genius by anyones standards. But the question is was Einstein born with a brain that was more evolved than the average person or did Einstein have the ability to tap into a part of the brain that has the ability to access a field of intelligence where all knowledge resides?

My research and experiences have led me to believe it is the later. Lynn McTaggart her book The Field refers to this field of intelligence as the field and believes that our brains have the ability to access this field. Quantum physics refers to this field as the zero point energy field. I refer to it as the quantum field of intelligence. 

It makes sense that Einstein was tapping into this quantum field of intelligence. It took astronomy 80 years after he developed the Theory Of Relativity to confirm that his theory was correct. Only a brain that was capable of going outside its conditioning could develop such an advanced theory. This is the case I believe for all theories and inventions that are ahead of their time. 

I have been fortunate enough to access this field of intelligence on several occasions. Let me give you some examples. Many years ago when I wrote my first book I was completely computer illiterate. Google was yet to evolve into the instant knowledge bank it is today and I did not know anyone who was familiar with the software I was using. I wanted to make the book very graphic and was using one of the very early versions of Microsoft Word. For anyone who was familiar with that version it was not very graphic friendly.

I happened to be writing a book on the power of thought. In it I spoke about how we only use around 5% percent of our minds capacity. When I first read this fact some years beforehand I had become fascinated with wanting to know what the other 95% was capable of and how could I access it. 

After many frustrating moments of trying to get word to do things that it probably was not designed to do I suddenly uttered the words ‘okay 95% tell me how to resolve this problem’. To my utter amazement my fingers just automatically started typing on the keyboard and the next thing I know my problem was instantly solved. I used this technique every time I came across a layout issue and each time I got the same instantaneous result. The unusual thing I noticed was that my fingers hit the keyboard without any preconceived thought on my part. This was the first time I started to consider that maybe there was a creative intelligence that was purely unconscious. 

My life after writing the book got busy and I soon forgot all about using his technique. It was 3 years later that I noticed when facilitating mindset training I would often say things that were extremely profound and I had no way of knowing. This certainly got my attention. However much to my frustration I discovered it would automatically happen when facilitating but I was unable to replicate it into other areas of my life.

Fast forward another 14 years when I started to study how the brain works and I began developing techniques for tapping into what I now refer to as the creative unconscious. My studies and personal experience have led me to believe that there are two parts to the unconscious brain. The first is the long term memory. The second is the creative unconscious. It is the creative unconscious part of the brain that has the ability to tap into the quantum field of intelligence where all knowledge resides. 

Recently I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s audio book Big Magic. In it she refers to this creative unconscious and quantum field of intelligence as inspired ideas and you have a choice to run with it or decline it. She gives examples of how when a person receives a creative idea and does not act on it that idea is passed on until someone chooses to act on it. Elizabeth also provides evidence of how identical creative ideas are given to different people at the same time. Her book provides more evidence that this universal field of intelligence does exist. 

My research has led me to believe you do not have to wait for an inspired idea to hit. Instead you can access the quantum field of intelligence through your creative unconscious at will to further your work and career. 

There are any number of ways you can apply accessing the creative unconscious in your work and career. Examples include problem solving, writing, product design, planning, helping clients, creating best practises, improved productivity, marketing campaigns, decision making to name just a few. 

It has been over 30 years since I first posed the question what is the other 95% of capable of and how I can I access it. Throughout that time I have developed a set of techniques that can allow you to tap into the creative unconscious on a consistent basis.  

My chosen method of sharing this knowledge is through coaching. It is not a journey for those who are not committed to accessing their creative unconscious. Why, because you will find like I did that there are two parts to the unconscious brain. The long term memory and the creative unconscious. Often they do not play nicely together. This is because one is dealing with what is known and familiar and the other with what is unknown and unfamiliar. It comes down to safety versus risk issue. Your longterm memory with all its conditioning is located in the same part of the brain as your survival instincts of flight and fight. This is why you often feel safe and unthreatened with the familiar and unsafe and threatened by the unknown and unfamiliar.

The good news is I have developed techniques so that the longterm memory and creative unconscious can play nicely together and work in harmony with each other. This will allow you to fast track your ability to tap into the quantum field of intelligence. 

Like any great achievement you need to be committed to the outcome. Commitment and desire are two key components of success. If that sounds like you and you have a strong desire to activate your brains creative unconscious to fast track your work, performance, career or business then contact me for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how a coaching package can help you achieve that. 

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