Our Mission

1. To give everyone the opportunity to realise their full potential regardless of age, race, gender, religion, IQ or socio economic background.

2. To make this journey simple, easy, fun and fast

Why Did I Create Use Your Brain For Success

I have found that throughout my life and career that I had this ability to change the way people think. This in turn allowed them to move beyond their self imposed limits and achieve amazing things. In starting my own business I wanted to take this skill and reach out to the masses and empower people on a global scale to reach beyond their current perceptions of themselves and create a new reality that matches who they truly are. I don’t believe anyone is any smarter or more intelligent than anyone else we all have access to the same grey matter which we can use for pain or gain. Unfortunately we were never taught how to use our brain and as a result it is running us instead of us running it.

Whilst I have had the ability to help people move beyond their perceived boundaries and achieve success for many years now I like to continue to push the boundaries and develop new ways in which people can realise their potential in simple, easy and joyful ways. Use your brain for success is an accumulation of many years of work resulting in a simple process that allows people to realise their potential and achieve their goals in a simple, easy, fun and fast way.

The fastest, simplest and easiest way I have found to access your brain's power and potential is through listening to audio programs which have been specifically designed to rewire the brain neural connections and help you achieve your goals and realise your potential. 

I personally use this process each and everyday and I can say that it has changed my life and made it simple and easy to achieve life long goals as well as finding a deep joy and happiness that goes beyond anything I previously experienced.

There are 3 ways that you can benefit from this website

1. Free access to video's and articles ​

2. ​Purchase audio programs from our shop.

3. Sign up for one on one coaching sessions. It is a life changing journey where you get the opportunity to not only clear limiting beliefs but also become the potential that resides within you

About Founder and Owner Use Your Brain For Success

Jule Fuller has over 30 years of experience in education and training assisting people to achieve their goals. She has held senior management positions of National Learning and Development Manager for Sales with Westpac Bank; Head of Learning and Development for Merrill Lynch Australia; Head of Labour Market Programs Unit at Blacktown TAFE as well as her own training consultancy business.

Jule has also spent the last 25 years researching into the mind and its capabilities in improving performance and results. She has assisted many people over the years to achieve extraordinary results. Whilst working at Westpac she designed a thinking strategies program for sales people which increased sales and referrals by up to 300%.

Jule developed Use Your Brain For Success as means of combining her vast knowledge and experience of mind power with the latest research from brain science. This creates an even more powerful platform to transcend peoples thinking and the world.

She has written and published two books aimed at changing and transforming people’s lives, Dare To Dream and What Every Parent Needs To Know.

Jule is committed to people realising their extraordinary innate potential and that everyone has a right to live an amazing life no exceptions.


Recent developments in brain science have now proven that this to be true. Everyone now has an equal opportunity to be extraordinary