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       What Makes Michael Phelps An         ALL TIME CHAMPION

The answer VISUALISATION. Michael Phelps is well documented in how he uses visualisation to achieve his success. Apparently he wasn't an outstanding swimmer until his coach introduced him to the concept of visualisation. He learnt to swim visualising every aspect of the race in his mind. In one instance he cites how he was competing for an Olympic Gold Medal and when he hit the water his googles filled with water. Any swimmer knows that this would automatically mean defeat as you cannot see where you are going. But not Michael Phelps he relied on his ability to swim the race in his mind and ended up winning the gold medal. Why is visualisation so powerful because your brain will carry out what you focus on. Without a strong vision you will always be subject to your fears and limiting beliefs. For Michael Phelps his vision allowed him to move beyond the belief that it is impossible to win when you googles are filled with water. 


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